4 foods that nourish the kidneys will help them stay with us for a long time.

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Good kidneys come with good health. Because the kidneys are the main organ responsible for removing toxins and waste from our body. 4 foods that nourish the kidneys Normally, we have two kidneys. If one side is missing, The other kidney still does a good job of expelling waste from the body. But if both kidneys are taken from us It’s a big deal that our beloved kidneys are unable to do their job of removing waste from the body.

           Because the kidneys are very important, we should take care and maintain them so that they can function well for a long time. Starting to take care of your kidneys is not difficult at all. Just start with something simple, like eating. Foods to nourish the kidneys. Our little ones have been working for a long time. This article, Persistence in Health Insurance, will take you to get to know foods to nourish the kidneys nearby to take care of the kidneys so that they can be used for a long time.

Get to know  4 kidney-nourishing foods for good kidney health.

    Boiled water with lime leaves and ginger

    Start with a simple sip of water boiled with lime leaves and ginger. This formula will help strengthen your kidneys. The method for making boiled water with lime leaves and ginger to nourish the kidneys is very simple. But there must be main ingredients like 2 cups of water, 4-5 lime leaves and 2-3 thinly ยูฟ่าเบท http://ufabet999.app sliced ​​ginger first. When all the ingredients are ready, put them in a pot and boil until boiling, then leave it to cool down and it’s ready to drink. tidy


    Coming to the category of fruits that are food for our kidneys, such as cranberries. Cranberry itself has a variety of medicinal properties. Cranberries themselves are rich in many phytochemicals and high in vitamin C. Therefore has an anti-oxidant effect. Helps reduce inflammation and strengthen the body’s immunity. Including helping prevent kidney stones. It also helps the kidneys work better.


    Black sesame can be called the ultimate kidney nourishment. Because black sesame has properties that directly help nourish and strengthen the kidneys. Eating black sesame can be eaten in many different forms. Whether eating fresh Eat with savory food. Eat it as a sweet meal. add drinks You can choose according to your satisfaction.


    Another fruit that is nourishing for the kidneys is the apple. The fruit has a crisp texture. Its sweet taste is incredibly beneficial to our kidneys. Because apples have properties that help break down fat. Including helping to detoxify the kidneys as well. That’s not all because apples can also help expel heavy metals and cholesterol in the kidneys. It can be said that eating 1-2 apples per day or drinking 1-2 glasses of water per day will help take care of your kidneys for a long time.