Birth control pills: how to take them correctly 

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The Food and Drug Administration or FDA publishes information about How to take birth control pills correctly in each type For maximum efficiency in preventing pregnancy because many women may not yet understand how to eat. Or eat it and become pregnant. Let’s look at the simple details. 

How many types of birth control pills are there?

In fact, drugs are sold on the market. There are many types of birth control pill. But the type that is popular Or those that are frequently used are the 21-day type and the 28-day type, both of which have 2 tablets of medicine to take.

  • 21- day birth control pill – must finish the first pack first. Then stop taking the medicine for 7 days and then start taking the second pack.
  • 28- Day Birth Control Pill – You can take both pills consecutively. No need to stop and wait.

When should I take birth control pills?

We should take birth control pill from the first day to the fifth day of menstruation. That is, if the first day of menstruation is on May 12th, we should start taking birth control pill from May 12th, but If it’s inconvenient or you forget, you can still start taking it on May 13-16, that is, you can take birth control pill within the first 5 days of your period.

How to take birth control pills?

We should take birth control pill in the order of the arrows on the pill pack. From the first pill to the last pill. (If you don’t want to take any pills, just pop them out.) And you should choose to take your pills at the same time every day. For example, you might like to take your pills in the morning. You have to eat it in the morning every day. By setting the time at 7 a.m. every day, etc. 

Do birth control pills have any side effects?

Some women may have side effects from taking birth control pill, such as nausea, vomiting, and headaches. These symptoms may occur in the early stages. of taking birth control pills But if you’ve been taking birth control pill for several months already Still have these symptoms You should immediately consult a doctor or pharmacist. Because it may not be normal. 

Taking birth control pills is normal. Because it is one of the safe and effective birth control methods, so don’t be afraid, don’t be embarrassed, or see it as embarrassing. We know how to take care of ourselves, which is the right thing to do. What you should be careful of is Must eat properly And be more careful with who you have sex with. We must ensure that our sexual partner is physically fit and healthy. Not a sexually transmitted disease If so then There’s nothing to be worried about.