The meaning of detox

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Detox (Detox) is an abbreviation of Detoxification. It means the process of removing toxins from the body in the fastest way. It is believed that it helps the toxins remaining in the body to be eliminated. Prevent the body from being out of balance

Because our body receives foreign substances from the external environment. internal combustion process including eating Inhaling dust, toxins, germs, and things that adversely affect your health without realizing it. 

causing more and more accumulation Over time, the body will send out warning signs of illness.

How many methods of detox are there?

There are 3 popular ways to detoxify toxins from the body:

1. Detox by eating

It is a safe way to detox. no side effects Because it is the elimination of toxins by eating nutritious foods. Rich in substances that help detox the body, such as vegetables and fruits, or focus on food made from natural ingredients and minimally processed.

As well as avoid food that contains contaminants such as fermented food, white food, and bleached food. Ready-to-eat food

2. Detox with a colon enema

Colon enema is an alternative medicine that is widely popular. Helps eliminate residual toxins within the intestines. and helps reduce constipation. Makes the digestive system work better But it must be done by someone with knowledge. Because of the risk of infection easily

Colon cleansing is divided into 2 levels as follows:

  • low level douching  It involves washing the last 30 centimeters of the intestines with 1-1.5 liters of water mixed with pure coffee specifically for Detox or herbs such as lemon juice and tamarind orange juice. It can be done both at home and in the hospital.
  • top level douching  It involves washing the entire 150 centimeter long colon with 25 liters of warm water. It requires using a medical device called Colonic cleansing machine with controlled temperature, pressure, and amount of water. Including having to have a doctor or expert take care of you during the procedure only.

3. Detox by fasting

Fasting is another option for detox. It imitates the hibernation behavior of animals. This will help the digestive system rest. Reduce the accumulation of waste in the intestines. Generally it takes 1-2 days to replace with drinking water. or fruit juice

Actually, detox has both advantages and disadvantages. If you detox with an enema to cleanse the toxins within your intestines, it is recommended that it be done by someone with knowledge. Equipment must be clean. Avoid doing it yourself. 

As for dieting, you must consider your own physical condition whether you are ready or not. If you have a congenital disease that requires you to take medicine regularly It should be avoided. Because of the risk of causing serious harm.