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The meaning of detox

Detox (Detox) is an abbreviation of Detoxification. It means the process of removing toxins from the body in the fastest way. It is believed that it helps the toxins remaining in the body to be eliminated. Prevent the body from being out of balance Because

Taking antihistamines instead of sleeping pills risks unknowing side effects.

Explain the use of antihistamines. Instead of using sleeping pills, So many people choose to take antihistamines. To sleep easily Because antihistamines have the side effect of making you drowsy, but actually using them doesn’t serve this purpose. Will it harm the body in any way or not? Let’s see the

8 dangers-side effects from eating kratom leaves

Why do people eat kratom leaves? Kratom is a medium-sized perennial plant, a local herb that has been use. By villagers for a long time. Using fresh or dried leaves. They can be chewed, smoked, or brewed into tea. To have strength to work longer Feels energetic, has

“Carbon” medicine to cure diarrhea. How to take it correctly?

The weather is hot and stuffy like in our country. Outbreaks of food poisoning can be found continuously throughout the year, and there is still risk at restaurants on the side of the road. to a famous shop in the mall or famous hotel Whenever we have symptoms of bowel movement

Birth control pills: how to take them correctly 

The Food and Drug Administration or FDA publishes information about How to take birth control pills correctly in each type For maximum efficiency in preventing pregnancy because many women may not yet understand how to eat. Or eat it and become pregnant. Let’s look at the simple details.  How many types of birth

3 ways to wake up refreshed in the morning instead of drinking coffee

In the morning to suffer with sleepiness Most people choose to solve their problems with a cup or two of coffee. Although drinking two cups of coffee a day will not destroy much health , but if choosing coffee with milk and sugar. may gain weight and more concerned about the

“Towels” a source of germs How often should I wash or change it?

Towels, the one thing that harbors germs But we tend to overlook and don’t pay much attention to cleanliness with it. Many people tend to clean their homes, shoes, clothes frequently. But often forget and don’t pay attention to the items near the sample, towels that accumulate a lot