Nevilles hopes Man Utd will give their best to beat Man City

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UFABET Sports pundit Gary Nevilles hopes his former club Manchester United will stop Manchester City from winning the ‘treble’. this season

Manchester City, under Pep Guardiola, are on track. ”Triple champions this season ( Premier League , FA Cup and UEFA Champions League ), which if they succeed. They will become the second English club after Manchester United to do so in the 1998/99 season.

“It’s a big event for Man City from now until the end of the season,” Nevilles told UFABET Sports.

”They will be really disappointed if they don’t win the treble because they feel like they are favourites every game, they are in great form. and everyone was cheering”

“I’m happy that Manchester United have the chance to stop Man City (meaning from winning the treble), that’s what I wanted when United beat Brighton on penalties in the competition. FA Cup semi-finals

“One thing I would like to say about playing at Wembley is that City can go against the logic that When coming to play here, you have to play well. Which I think this field is a difficult field to play well.

“In general Most teams don’t play well at Wembley because they play at their home ground and Manchester United will have to hope that day will be tough for City. It’s amazing that Wembley, as often as England or any other team, is really tough.”

”Manchester United will fight with all their strength that day. which you will never know.”

Manchester City face Manchester United at Wembley Stadium in the FA Cup final on June 3.