Spearhead Arsenal has officially agreed to join the Eagle Army

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Folarin Balogun, Arsenal ‘s young striker , has officially decided to switch to play for the United States national team. after being confirmed by FIFA

The 21-year-old Arsenal striker is currently on loan at Rank club in Ligue 1, born into a Nigerian family. where he was born in the United States but moved to live in England And has developed professional football until he has joined the England national team under 21 years old, however, with the senior national team he has never played with any team. And finally, after several months of news The player decided to play for the United States already. The UFABET report

“When I reported this news to my family They were very happy, especially mom. She’s why it took me so long to decide. Selected to play for the United States national team. It’s a very meaningful thing. more than the general public would realize i am proud And it’s an honor to have this opportunity. And I want to give everything to make the national team a success,” Balogun said after announcing his selection for the US national team.

Balogun had previously received an offer from the Nigerian national team. But in the end, he decided to finally play for the United States.