Diaz scores a life saver to grade Liverpool

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Diaz scores a life saver to grade Liverpool players in 1-1 draw with Crystal Palace – Player Ratings.

Liverpool player ratings

Alisson Becker – 6/10
can’t blame him for the goal. Not being pressure by Palace’s offensive line.

Trent Alexander-Arnold – 8/10,
floating high, involved in continuous offensive games on the starboard. Passing the ball creates opportunities for teammates to score goals over and over again. Play the role of a playmaker as the center of passing the ball into final. Line from both and the depth. At the end of the game, moving up high, trying to score a goal in the penalty area. Unfortunately, there were no assists for the referee in this game.

Virgil van Dijk – 6/10.
I didn’t encounter a difficult job. Show coolness in the offside rhythm, Ace. The first half maintains a satisfactory standard.

Andy Robertson – 6/10
has a shot running through the line to receive. After 15 minutes to win the goal. Was substitute from the field. After the game for about an hour.

Harvey Elliott – 7/10
shows his confidence to raise. Dare to dabble in Palace’s defensive line. Moving coordinated with Mohamed Salah and Alexander-Arnold to stand out.

Fabinho – 6/10
bolstered steerer in midfield

James Milner – 6/10 scrambling
to score early on from a second catch in front of the box, Palace eager to squeeze. area and move to participate in the final area in the Palace penalty area.

Mohamed Salah – 7/10
Dangerous man on the right edge of the Reds, as always, burning Tyric Mitchell from a run through the line to get the ball early. 

Luis Diaz
used a unique technique to cause problems for the away defense. Create a rhythm for yourself, dragging the pendant to score a goal equalizer for the team in the second half.