Jurgen Klopp admits he was disappoint with Nunez

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Jurgen Klopp admits he was disappoint with Nunez Headbutt over Andersen’s red card.

Liverpool Football Club Manager Jurgen Klopp Interview. After the game as the Reds drew 1-1 with Crystal Palace in the English Premier League. On Monday night, it was admit that Darwin Nunez’s out-of-match headbutt against Joachim Andersen was sent off for a red card.

The duel between Nunez and Andersen led to a small nibble during the match. Even the incident broke in the second half. When the Danish defender yell something at Nunez. Leading to the Uruguay striker’s sting in the aftermath. Will ban for 3 games, starting from the program. The red-hot battle with Manchester United on Monday night will come immediately.

“Obviously it was a red card, Núñez was always teased. But that’s not something to do on the pitch,” Klopp said after the game at Anfield. It’s a reaction we don’t want to see. The centre-half would do that to him all the time. But it shouldn’t be his reaction to that. He will learn from this incident. I’ll talk about it with him.”

For Nunez, he is a prime target for Liverpool’s squad this summer as Jurgen Klopp is deeply fond of the 22-year-old. After he explode in form, shooting 34 goals from 41 matches in all items.