Liverpool 1-1 Crystal Palace: analysis of 3 issues

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Liverpool 1-1 Crystal Palace: analysis of 3 issues. After the game 10 Reds draw Ruean Kaew Castle.

1. The right-handed attacking game is fun to coordinate in the beginning.

Liverpool were clearly solely in possession of the game. They continue to create attack chances against the visiting team time and time again. A little too short. Prevent the ball from entering the bottom of the Crystal Palace net. The only game at Anfield was different to the extent.

That Crystal Palace could not move the ball into the Liverpool penalty area. In the first 25 minutes of a game where the record of touching the ball of Palace in the Reds penalty area is 0 times, the result of folding the field invasion on one side.

With the visiting team defending deep. Trent Alexander R-Arnold stand out in the game. Drop the ball from both the edge. The depth into the dangerous area. Create opportunities for friends to score goals again and again.

2. Midfield balance: Elliott-Fabinho-Milner.

Jurgen Klopp has relied on Harvey Elliott to work alongside Fabinho and James Milner in midfield, forming a satisfying combination to some degree. Brazil midfielder Palace is set to steer in a holding midfield role. James Milner adding aggression to both squeezing out. Ramping up his involvement in dangerous areas.

3. Nunez’s decisive problem and his red card loss

height, strength And Darwin Nunez’s agility is a visibly more versatile alternative to Liverpool’s attacking style. The type of direct ball. That Nunez purs in the top half was seen more and more. As was the cross-ball effort for the Uruguay national team striker to soar into the ball to finish the ball.