Moyes is fed up with his team’s performance not being good enough.

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Moyes is fed up with his team’s performance not being good enough. After opening home to tie Bournemouth 1-1.

• West Ham draw for the third consecutive game in the Premier League

• The team is seven points behind in the Champions League places after 22 games. Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet

West Ham United manager David Moyes said. After the 1-1 home draw with Bournemouth in the Premier League last night.

West Ham lost a goal early in the game before equalizing from the penalty spot by James Ward-Prowse in the second half and gained just one point in the game.

“We gave the opponent a chance in front of our penalty area. and put pressure on us which we cannot fix it very well Our playing wasn’t good enough. Our set-piece play was not good enough. That is what I take responsibility for. We have a problem with the rhythm of play. Having a team not play for more than 10 days is something that rarely happens to us during a season.”

West Ham are 6th in the Premier League after 22 games and have a chance to be in Europe for another season. However, their next game will be a trip to Manchester United, a team competing directly with them for the rankings.

“It was difficult for us to sustain. and maintain their ranking in this league I wouldn’t say that we’ve skipped generations. But we will fight against the teams ranked above us,” Moyes conclude