Neville has hard chop Manchester United footballer

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Neville has hard to chop Manchester United into a footballer’s graveyard – pointing out. That there only deals for 2 players. After Fergie that have successful.

Gary Neville expressed his views on the critics of the team’s transfer of players. Manchester United Football Club of the English Premier League. After Sir Alex Ferguson. With only two players they have signed in the last nine years. That can consider successful.

Fall under a crisis at the start of the new season with two consecutive defeats in the league under Erik ten Hag, with Neville the elder criticizing the team’s performance. Since Fergie’s retirement, having shuffled around the 33 players the team has won since then.

Neville has run Monday Night Football on UFABET. Splitting all his players into three categories. namely Succeeds, met standards and failed. With most of the players he categorized into deals in the failed category.

“One of the big problems with Manchester United over the last 10 years is that they have changed their managers and tactics. That’s a really big problem,” Neville said on the show. “We haven’t done our homework hard enough when it comes to big deals in 10 years. We let many young players leave the team. But it end up losing more than £1.25 billion in ” I think only two players.

So far have performed satisfactorily. Bruno Fernandes may have dropped a bit. But his record over the last two seasons. Through it indicates that he is a deal that pays back to the club. And the other player is Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

“Players like Herrera, Shaw, Matic, Mata and Ronaldo could probably be placed in a favorable category. But with what happened last month. When Ronaldo showed signs of wanting to leave the club. This resulted in many confusing issues. Things like this shouldn’t happen. That made him just a standard contract. A big part may because of his performance, value, price and his behavior.”

“But this club has become a cemetery for footballers. Players still have to consider many things before deciding to move to play for us. We can’t easily get new players again.”